Birkenhead Gymnastics Club

About Us

Birkenhead Gymnastics Club started off life as the boys squad in Wirral Gymnastics. When we realised we needed more space and training hours we decided to split from the club and form our own. We spent the next few years renting the small gym at Birkenhead School with just a minimum amount of equipment and having to set up and dismantle the equipment for every session. We always had an eye on our long term goal of relocating to a custom facility at some point. That opportunity came about when Wirral Council announced it was holding a strategic asset review and one of the sites on the list was the sports centre at Grange Road West. We joined forces with Birkenhead Trampoline Club, who were already training there to bid for the facility. Finally in August 2011, after many years of waiting, we moved into Grange Road West as part of Drill.

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